We address the unique needs and challenges of all individuals by facilitating accessibility, mobility, and community involvement through our programs and services.  Our transit centers, bus stops and vehicles have accessible features to make getting to your destination easy.  We offer customized fixed route travel training and provide special services and accommodations for customers who can’t use our fixed route buses.

Reasonable Modification Request

RTA makes every effort to ensure individuals with disabilities have access to, and benefits from all our services. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and FTA requirements, we invite requests for reasonable modifications to customers with disabilities.

Reasonable modifications include changes, exceptions or adjustments to our rules, policies, practices, and procedures to provide everyone with the opportunity to use all RTA services.

Reasonable Modification Requests can be made by contacting Customer Service at 937-425-8300, Ohio Relay at 800-750-0750 (or 7-1-1) or by email at @email.

Accessible Information

Schedules and route information can be printed in braille, large print, or sent electronically via email. For special requests contact Customer Service at 937-425-8300, Ohio Relay at 800-750-0750 (or 7-1-1) or by email at @email.

Communication Assistance

The following communication assistance is available for all public meetings conducted by RTA.

  • Language interpreters
  • Sign-language interpreters
  • Assisted-listening devices

Please notify RTA of the communication assistance you require at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting you wish to attend by calling 937-425-8300 or by email at @email.

Comments, Complaints, and Commendations

RTA wants to hear about your experience and welcomes your feedback. RTA will respond to all complaints, including ADA and Title VI within three (3) days and resolve within thirty (30) days.

To submit complaints, commendations, suggestions or questions contact Customer Service at 937-425-8300 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday or email us at @email.

For ADA related complaints, you may fill out the following form: ADA Complaint Form.

Mail or deliver the form to: 

Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority
Customer Service, Attn: Quality Service Supervisor
4 South Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402

Paratransit Services

We provide complementary and countywide paratransit services for people who cannot access our fixed route service due toRider Guide 05-17-21 web a disability or disabling health condition. You must be a registered customer to use paratransit services.  Click here to download RTA Connect paratransit application.

Learn more about RTA Connect – Paratransit Services 

Reduced Fares and Special Discount Cards

Customers with qualifying disabilities, or senior citizens age 65 and older, are eligible for reduced fares on fixed route services.  Proof of eligibility is required for all customers seeking reduced fare. Click here to download Reduce Fare application.

Proof of Eligibility

If you are riding with a reduced fare pass or wish to pay the reduced fare rate, you are required to provide proof of eligibility, which may include a valid RTA identification card, or Medicare card.

How to Apply

To apply for a reduced fare photo ID due to a disability please submit an application to the RTA Certification Center.  Upon approval of your application you will be able to have your ID card issued.

Photo ID Cards Issued At:

Wright Stop Plaza Lobby
4 S. Main St., Dayton, Ohio 45402
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards Replacement

To replace a lost or stolen reduced fare photo ID card, go to the location above at the times listed. Any lost or stolen card will be replaced at a charge of $5.00.  Damaged cards will be replaced at no charge; however, the damaged card must be presented at the time of being reissued.

Travel Training Program

Planning a trip and riding the bus is easy.  RTA Staff will help you plan trips and ride the bus.  Sometimes the difference between trying something new, and trying nothing at all, is getting a helping hand.

When it comes to riding RTA, our staff are here to offer assistance. Travel Training is a personal service focusing on your needs, is free and available to anyone, from older adults to those seeking independence by using public transportation.

Customized Training Sessions

RTA staff are friendly and respectful. They customize individual training sessions to fit your needs. You'll walk to your bus stop together, review bus schedules and fares---everything you want to know to make bus riding easy.

What Will You Learn?

  • Plan your trip using the easiest and safest route
  • Reach specific destinations
  • Read and understand route maps and schedules
  • Locate and transfer to other buses
  • Board the bus with a mobility device
  • Move your wheelchair or scooter onto the bus safely
  • Travel to and from bus stops
  • Recognize bus numbers, bus stops and landmarks
  • Pay fares and purchase passes
  • Board and exit the bus safely
  • Know where and how to safely cross the street
  • Get service information

For more information, please contact 937-425-8300 or email us at @email.

Accessible Vehicles

All RTA vehicles are accessible for mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, electric scooters, segways, walkers, and crutches. RTA operators are trained to assist customers with disabilities or who need assistance boarding or exiting the vehicle.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome on all RTA vehicles and facilities

Mobility Aid Securement and Priority Seating

Customers using a mobility aid must use the designated securement area and may secure or unsecure their mobility aid without assistance from the operator. Individuals who use mobility aids, including wheelchairs, have equal access to the securement areas on buses.  RTA operators will request other customers to move make an accessible seat available.

Respirators and Portable Oxygen

You may board any RTA service with a respirator or portable oxygen supply. When calculating the amount of oxygen required, plan to include more than two hours of travel time.

Automatic Stop Announcements

To assist all customers, especially those with visual and auditory impairments, we have implemented an automated voice and display announcement system on all fixed route buses.


Bike Accessibility