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How it Works

RTA Connect On-Demand offers the convenience of booking your trip around your schedule. On-Demand offers door-to-door service within certain areas of the Miami Valley where fixed-route service is either unavailable or limited. This service is available from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., 7 days a week by either booking with the Lyft or Uber app, or making an advanced or recurring reservation with RTA Customer Service. Trips can also be requested as-needed through RTA Customer Service. Wait times may vary based on availability.

Customers under 18 years of age must contact RTA Customer Service to schedule an On-Demand reservation. All child restraining laws apply to children riding in RTA Connect Vehicles. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to comply with all prevailing regulations. Children under 6 years old weighing 40 pounds or less must ride in a child safety seat. The customer must provide the safety seat, secure the seat and secure the child in the seat.

Every child under 8 years old must ride in a booster seat or other appropriate child safety seat unless the child is 4'9" or taller. Follow the seat manufacturer's instructions for weight limits and proper use. More information can be found by visiting: Accessibility.

Unless there is a life-threatening situation, or the parent has an affidavit signed by a licensed physician exempting the child from the law due to a physical impairment, or the vehicle is a taxicab or a public safety vehicle, and is regulated under Ohio Revised Code 5104.011 or was manufactured without seat belts.

Travel Within a Zone

Customers can use On-Demand to travel anywhere within a single zone. This includes connecting to any RTA bus stop or transit center located within that zone.

On-Demand travel is FREE.

On-Demand trips cannot be taken across multiple zones in the same trip.

All eligible On-Demand zones can be found below. Customers under 18 years of age must contact RTA Customer Service to schedule an On-Demand reservation.

How to Book

How to Book Using Lyft

Use the Lyft app or visit http://ride.lyft.com to book your FREE trip. Use the following codes for each zone:





How to Book Using Uber

Uber and the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (GDRTA) are updating the RTA Connect program with Uber Transit Vouchers. You’ll still be able to receive subsidized rides through this program on UberX trips within eligible zones.

Go to https://r.uber.com/RTAConnect to redeem your Uber Transit Voucher for RTA Connect On-Demand by clicking the voucher link. Confirm your account. Then the $30 discount will automatically be applied when you request an UberX trip in the eligible zone. You only need to click the link once for the discount to be applied to all future eligible trips.

How to Book Using RTA

No Lyft or Uber app? No problem! Call us at 937-425-8300 to book your trip.

Travel To and From Wright Patterson Air Force Base

If you're traveling to and from any On-Demand zone within secured access areas on Wright Patterson Air Force Base, you will not be able to use Lyft or Uber. You may call us at 937-425-8300 or Anton’s Transportation at 937-252-4756 to book your trip. You will be required to arrange your transportation access with base security in advance.

Require a Lift-Equipped Vehicle?

For those who require a lift-equipped vehicle, call us at 937-425-8300 to connect with a lift-equipped provider. 


Bicycles are not permitted inside RTA Connect vehicles. Bikes may be secured to bike racks located at all our transfer centers.

Having Issues?

If you experience an issue with On-Demand service or one of our providers, call us at 937-425-8300. If you've been improperly charged for an On-Demand trip, please have your name, phone number, trip date and time, and the start and end point for your trip so the issue can be investigated and your trip costs reimbursed.


If you have questions about RTA Connect On-Demand, visit iriderta.org/rtaconnect or call Customer Service at (937) 425-8300. If you have questions about Lyft and its services, visit www.lyft.com. If you have questions about Uber and its services, visit www.Uber.com.

RTA Connect On-Demand Zones


Connect Zone 1 05-26-24



Connect Zone3 05-26-24