Bus Times

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You don’t need a paper schedule when you’re riding with RTA RideTime. Jimmy learned how… and you can too! Find real time information for when your bus is coming through a mobile app, text message, desktop computer or phone call.

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to use RTA RideTime’s desktop computer feature. Let’s get started.

You have two options to find your next bus. Go here

You can quickly find your next bus by putting in the stop number in the top left corner. If you don’t know your stop number, select the route from the dropdown menu. Then choose the direction you’re heading and stop from the options listed. Stops are listed in alphabetical order. Once you select the stop, a list of the next arriving buses will fill the timetable with the real-time information of how far that bus is from the stop. When a bus is within 2 minutes of arriving, it will be listed as “Approaching” on the timetable until the bus has left that stop. If a bus is listed as “No Service Available” that means no bus is scheduled to service that stop for at least 50 minutes. 

To see all bus routes that service that stop, check the “Show All Vehicles For This Stop” box underneath the route menu.

To track that bus as it travels along the route, you can switch to the “Map View” by clicking the “Map” box in the top right corner.

To find your next bus on the maps page, click the “Routes” option in the top right corner and then select your stop along that route. Zoom in or out using the “+” and “-“ icons on the bottom right. Track your bus and how far it is from you by locating the moving bus icon for that route. In “Bus Maps” view, you can see up to five routes at a time. Hover over any bus on the map to find out more details such as the vehicle number, route and real time information for arrivals at upcoming stops. 

To get service alerts regarding your favorite routes or stops, or to set alarms to remind you when your bus is arriving, sign up for a RideTime account. Click on the “Create Account” option in the top left corner of the RideTime page. You can set specific alerts for your favorites routes and stops. Be sure to click “Save Status Changes” to save your preferences before logging out. 

That’s all it takes to track your next bus.