Bikes on RTA


The RTA bike rack service is provided as a benefit for our passengers. Anyone may use the racks at his or her own risk. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. RTA riders are responsible for loading and unloading the bike rack and for keeping an eye on their bicycle. Bicycles must be properly secured to prevent hazards to RTA passengers or buses. See below for bike rack instructions.

Easy-to-use bike racks are available year-round on all RTA buses, routed specifically to provide bicyclists with convenient transportation to work, local bikeways and universities. Each light-weight rack conveniently holds two bicycles and can be used in just seconds.

How to Use Bus Bike Racks


Loading your bicycle is easy!

  1. Before loading your bicycle, please remove any loose items and tell the driver you wish to use the bike rack. As a safety precaution, please wait to load your bicycle until receiving permission from the driver.
  2. If there are no bicycles already on the rack, lower the rack by squeezing the release handle at the top center of the rack.
  3. Look for markings indicating the position of the front wheel of the bicycle. Always load from the curb side of the bus by placing a single bicycle or the first of two bicycles in the position closer to the bus. The first bicycle faces the curb and the second bicycle faces the street.
  4. Once the wheels of the bicycle are in the wheel wells, pull the "j-hook" (support arm) up over the front bicycle tire. Your bicycle is now securely loaded and you may board the bus.
How to use bike racks infographic

Bicycles are not permitted on RTA Connect vehicles.

For more information on the RTA Bus Bike Rack Program or to request a brochure, please call the RTA Rideline at (937) 425-8300.