Transportation Service Requests

Overload Trippers

What is it? RTA overload tripper service is designed to serve large groups (30 or more) that cannot be served by regular fixed route service due to capacity issues. This is not a charter service, but an extension of existing fixed route services
Group coordinators must complete an overload tripper request a minimum of two weeks prior.

How the Service Works


  • The minimum group number is thirty (30) passengers and the maximum 100.
  • The group must be picked up at an RTA bus stop and dropped off at an RTA bus stop.
  • The tripper follows established RTA routes and service is open to the public.
  • Regular RTA fares apply (excluding RTA partnership programs). 
  • Trippers must be scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks before your trip, but Thirty (30) day notice is preferred.
  • Trippers are offered on a limited basis, which is dependent upon the day-to-day availability of buses and operators.  Each coordinator for overload tripper service will receive a notification within 5 business days that their request details were received by an RTA representative to initiate trip plans.  Applicants will be notified no less than one (1) week prior to their trip request date. 

To request an overload tripper, call 937-425-8444 for more information.