RTA improves access to jobs, grocery stores, and health care with September service adjustments

(DAYTON, OHIO)… To meet the needs of our customers, better serve our communities, and support economic development efforts, the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA) will implement the next phase of its transit system redesign on September 3, 2023. By streamlining duplicative service, the RTA was able to expand its service area with its current staffing levels.

RTA will expand service by making changes to existing Routes 2, 7, 11, 12, 16, 18, 22 and 43, as well as Connect On-Demand Zone 3, which will improve connections to jobs, grocery stores and health care. In addition, bus arrival times are being adjusted for several other routes to account for changes in ridership. For a complete list of all routes, time changes and maps, visit www.iriderta.org/Sept23ServiceChange.

Route 16 is being expanded to serve the Northwest Transit Center, which will create connections from the transit center to area grocery stores. These stores include Meijer, Kroger and Walmart in Englewood, which were previously not served by a bus route via the transit center. Route 16 will serve Shiloh Springs Road between Main Street and the Northwest Transit Center, and north along Garber Road back to Main Street and then continue its current route.

Due to the expansion of Route 16 and other bus routes in the Trotwood area now connecting customers to several grocery stores, Connect On-Demand Zone 3 is being adjusted to no longer serve those destinations. However, Zone 3 will be expanded to serve more residential areas. Customers will still have access on Main Street between Shiloh Springs Road and the Meijer in Englewood with the Route 7.

The map below shows the expanded Route 16 and the new On-Demand Zone 3:

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Route 7 is being expanded to serve sections of Woodman Drive between Patterson Road and Linden Avenue, ending at the Eastown Transit Center. With this expansion, the Route 11 will end at the Eastown Transit Center. Service will be discontinued on the Rainbow Drive loop.

Route 18 is being expanded to improve job access to cover in both directions, Hoyle Plaza and Big Hill Road from Kettering Boulevard.  Customers on South Dixie Drive and Kettering Boulevard can access Route 18 from Hoyle Plaza and Big Hill Road.

Additionally, Route 22 will be expanded to serve Project Cure and will continue to serve Gateway Men’s Shelter from Gettysburg.

To better serve workers near the Dayton International Airport, Route 43 will be consolidated into two patterns between the hours of 5-10 a.m. Pattern A will serve Crocs, Innovated Plastic Molders, P&G, Energizer, the Dayton International Airport and the upcoming Amazon facility. Pattern B will serve Chewy, Masonite, Peters, National and Crossroads. These patterns will run every 55 minutes to better serve shift changes at these businesses. The afternoon and evening trips will remain the same.

The map below shows the new A and B patterns along Route 43: