RTA improves access to jobs with May 26 service change

(DAYTON, OHIO)… To improve service, the Greater Dayton RTA will be expanding Routes 19 and 22, which will provide better access to jobs, grocery stores and other businesses in the upcoming service change beginning Sunday, May 26, 2024. In addition, slight adjustments will be made to Routes 12, 28, 43 and Connect On-Demand Zones 1 and 3.

The adjustments are as follows:

Route 12 will no longer travel down Olive Road after 6 p.m.

Route 19, pictured below, will be expanded to serve riders along S.R. 725 and Kingsridge Drive, providing better access to businesses along the Kingsridge Drive corridor. The southbound route will now travel from S.R. 741, left onto S.R. 725, then right onto Kingsridge Drive, then to the left onto S.R. 741 and then left onto Lyons Road. Northbound trips will be in reverse.

Route 19a 05-26-24

Route 22, pictured below, will be expanded on the north end to provide access to the Webster Street corridor. Northbound trips from Wagner Ford Road will turn left onto Webster Street, right onto Needmore Road, right into the Hollywood Gaming racino and then back onto Needmore Road and continue its regular route. Southbound trips will be in reverse.

Route 22 04-26-24

Route 28 hours of service will be expanded to run until 11:46 p.m.

Route 43 schedules will be adjusted.

Connect On-Demand Zone 1 is being expanded in two areas to serve current and future development. It will no longer serve the Kingsridge Drive corridor due to the expansion of Route 19.

Connect On-Demand Zone 3 is also being adjusted.

Current and future Connect On-Demand zone maps can be found at www.iriderta.org/ride/other-transportation-services/demand.

These changes were determined based on customer and driver feedback. You can find your specific route information as well as future schedules at www.iriderta.org.

MEDIA CONTACT:  Kristi Newton (937) 425-8379, Communications and Community Relations Manager