Community Grants

The RTA is committed to being a community partner in helping promote livable community initiatives. This partnership allows RTA to leverage funds that would otherwise go to other parts of the state or country. At the local level, through the Community Grants Program, the RTA has contributed $2.2 million to 20 communities leveraging additional local match project dollars from 1996 to the present. Through these and other similar projects, the RTA can assure transit planning and community planning remain a key partnership in building livable communities throughout the region.

Originally established in 1996 by the RTA Board of Trustees, the Community Grants Program was established to promote transit-related planning and development in the RTA service area through public/private partnerships and cooperative efforts.

Community Grants assist with transit-related investments above and beyond those which RTA can normally provide, thereby enhancing mobility alternatives for RTA's riders.

The following information provides an overview of the program and outlines requirements for project eligibility.


All jurisdictions within the RTA service area may apply for RTA Community Grants funding. Jurisdictions may also sponsor joint applications with private entities located within their jurisdictional boundaries. Multiple applications may be submitted by a jurisdiction for the same funding year. Projects evaluated as having regional or community significance will also be considered for RTA Community Grants Funding.

Available Funding

RTA will make available Federal 5307 formula funds for the Community Grants program. this funding will support approximately $200,000 in projects. The Community Grants program will provide 80 percent match to a projects's budgeted or actual costs, whichever is smaller. Jurisdictions interested in submitting applications must certify that they will provide a 20 percent local match. Projects must be completed within 12 months of the execution of grant award date to assure RTA's financial commitment to a project.

Program Administration

Each Fall, the RTA will e-mail Community Grants program information to all area jurisdictions. Grant applications are on line and must be received by the RTA by the date specified in the application. The RTA will host a grant workshop to address questions and provide useful information on preparing grant applications. A review committee of the RTA will summarize and evaluate proposed projects based upon program guidelines and criteria. All projects selected for possible funding are subject to the approval of the RTA Board of Trustees prior to contract execution.

Guidelines and Criteria

Applications will be evaluated according to the following policy guidelines and criteria:


  1. Must be a transit related capital project.
  2. Provides a positive impact in RTA's service area boundaries.
  3. Leverages private, nonprofit and/or other government monies.
  4. Does not increase RTA's operating costs.
  5. Must be completed within 12 months of the execution of a grant award.


  1. Improves safety and accessibility of transit.
  2. Increases transit ridership and/or market effectiveness.
  3. Does not increase RTA's operating costs.
  4. Enhances mobility of persons.
  5. Leverages external funding.
  6. Links transit to current or planned major development.
  7. Promotes the RTA Hub System Plan.
  8. Promotes the RTA Electric Trolley Plan.
  9. Encourages Partnerships

Detailed Instruction for filled out application.

For more information on the RTA Community Grants program, please contact the RTA Grants Administrator at 937-425-8362.