How do I read a schedule?

  • Determine the direction of your trip and the day you will travel. The schedules are separated by day of service.
  • Find the major stop listing closest to where you will catch the bus. There is not room on a schedule to list all bus stops, so locate the closest corresponding stop location for the beginning of your trip.
  • Read down the list of times under this stop to see what time the bus will arrive at your stop. You will need to estimate the time if your stop is in between the listed times or use the previous major stop time.
  • Simply read across the page to the bus stop listing closest to where you want to go. The time listed will tell you approximately what time the bus will arrive and what time you will arrive at your destination.
  • The letters in circles under the major stop listings are also noted on the map so you can easily find the location.
  • A dash line indicates the bus does not serve the location.
  • If you are traveling from Wright Stop Plaza, note the Bay Assignment for the bus you will be traveling on and proceed to the correct bay to wait for your bus. If two bays are listed, look for the bus in either bay.
  • Read any footnotes marked on your trip time at the bottom of the times in each direction for more detailed information.
  • Be early! Arrive at your bus stop at least five minutes before your departure time.