I received an error message: “No tickets available for sale” or “Unable to Purchase Tickets”, what do I do?

This is caused by either the account or the smart phone being locked out from Tapp Pay, due to either security or fraud concerns. Contact RTA Customer Service at (937) 425-8300 or ask an RTA staff member for assistance.

I purchased a fare but determined it was for another transit agency (ex. Cleveland).

When using Tapp Pay in the Transit app, it is important to have your location settings enabled on the phone and for Transit app. By doing this, you will be “pinged” locally which will reveal Dayton RTA – Tapp Pay. Customer’s also need to check the details of their potential transaction to ensure they are purchasing from Dayton RTA – Tapp Pay. There are many other agencies in the state that use Transit app to deliver mobile ticketing.