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Riding is Easy

Using RideTime

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Transit App

Download Transit app onto your smartphone by visiting the App Store or Google Play. For more information click here.

Download on the Apple App Store
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You can find out when the bus is coming using the Text on your smart phone. For more information click here.

Steps to text with ridetime


Use the automated call-in feature from your phone phone or landline by call 937-425-8300 option 1.  For more information click here.

You can download more information about RideTime here.  You can also view the RideTime video by clicking here.

Using a Schedule

Know where you want to go and when! Check out Maps and Schedules.

Arrive early.  RTA defines on-time service as never early, and no more than 5 min. after the scheduled time.  Please take this into consideration when making transfers.

Get on the Bus

To ensure you are boarding the correct bus check the route number destination sign on the approaching bus.

Pay when you board

  • Passes:  Have your bus pass ready to swipe.  Day pass only - tell the operator you want to purchase a pass before inserting your money into the farebox.
  • Cash:  Exact fare is recommended.  In the event you do not have exact fare, you will be given a change card good for future rides.  Change cards are non-refundable.
  • Tapp Pay: Have the barcode in the Transit App on your phone OR your Tapp Pay card out and ready to scan on the payment reader when boarding.

After you pay, find a seat or move toward the rear.  Remember, the seats in the front of the bus are for people with disabilities and older adults.

Signal to Stop

Pull the cord above the window to let the driver know you want to get off at the next stop.

Exit through the back door; this helps keep buses on time.


MyAlerts - Stay connected with the latest RTA travel information by signing up to receive automated alerts via text or email.  Sign up for alerts.

We love your bike - All of our large buses are bike rack equipped for your convenience. For more info about our Rack & Roll program, click here.

Ask for help - Ask your bus operator or one of our  Transit Ambassadors for assistance.