Rules of The Road

  1. No smoking (including e-cigarettes), eating, or drinking on RTA vehicles.  Food and drinks carried onboard must be in a sealed container.
  2. Customers must wear clothing that appropriately covers their body.  Customers must wear shoes and shirts and may not wear apparel that has obscene language or gestures or racial, religious, sexual, ethnic or other slurs or offensive comments. 
  3. Customers must use headsets when listening to audio and video devices.
  4. Customers are asked to refrain from speaking on cell phones while on RTA vehicles.
  5. Customers must not use profanity or engage in disruptive or threatening behavior.
  6. Vandalism of RTA property or littering will not be tolerated.
  7. Customers must keep aisles clear.
  8. Customers must remain behind the standee line when the bus is in motion.
  9. Bicycles must be functional and able to be secured on the bike rack.
  10. Customers prior to boarding the vehicle, are responsible for providing a valid form of payment, ensuring an appropriate account balance, and providing proof of eligibility when obtaining a reduced fare.
  11. Customers must vacate designated seating areas for older customers and customers with disabilities as requested by RTA operators.
  12. Customers may not carry onto an RTA vehicle any item which could cause injury or damage to RTA customers or property, including hazardous materials, except as otherwise permitted by law.
  13. Customers must maintain personal hygiene so as not to offend fellow customers.
  14. Ski masks or other non-health related face coverings must be removed upon boarding RTA vehicles.  Face coverings worn for religious purposes are allowed.
  15. Loitering on vehicles is prohibited.  RTA services are designed to provide mass movement of customers for single trip purposes to maximize customer safety and comfort.

Updated: September 13, 2022